Grimm Season 5 Finale Review

So it finally arrived, the season finale of Grimm season 5, and boy what a way to bow out. We had a bit of everything that has made this season great, emotion, love, sacrifice, tension and some kick ass fight scenes – not to mention one or two pretty crucial deaths. Now I’m alerting you all early so if you don’t want spoilers – look away now!

So the episode started with a rather obvious Black Claw set up that resulted in Hanks supposed arrest – let’s be honest I think it was pretty clear as to where that was going. What I did not see coming however was the strategy this event put into play. With Eve drawn away from headquarters Meisner was left to defend himself and the whole of HW which meant sadly, it was time to say goodbye to our favourite resistance member.  This was just the first of our really excellent fight scenes in the season finale which ultimately ended in Renard’s mercy killing of Meisner to save him from the drawn out murder at the hands of Bonaparte – who  it turns out is full on Zauberiest, obviously.

Mercy killing or not, this didn’t go down too well with Nick, who couldn’t be stopped from attacking Renard at the precinct and putting himself and the remainder of HW in huge jeopardy. It obviously wasn’t one of Nick’s finer moments, but it led to an excellent plot twist. Nick was arrested and put himself exactly where Black Claw wanted him.

Thankfully Hank, Wu, Trubel and Eve were on hand to race to Nick’s rescue. While I’ll get to the show-stopping fight between our resident Hexenbiest and Black Claw’s leading Zauberiest in a minute, I just want to take a second to appreciate Wu. Reggie Lee has done an amazing job of playing one of my favourite characters in the show and now finally, he’s getting to really kick some ass, and he’s still throwing in the occasional smart arsed remark for good measure. In my opinion, it’s great to see Wu getting a place at centre stage because I think until now he’s been one of the lesser used characters and it’ll be great to see how they progress with his storyline further. I just hope it doesn’t become more than he can chew (see what I did there?).

In the process of Nick’s rescue, Eve sped after a fleeing Bonaparte where we got a real fight. At least for a few minutes. The two used their powers to throw each other around and there were some really impressive moves pulled out by Eve. She’s done a lot this season, and she’s thrown off a lot of the annoying sappiness that really got on my nerves when she was still Juliette, but I have to say I’d been getting a little bored of the complete lack of emotion thing she had going on. This was, in my opinion Eve’s finest moment, until of course she went and got mortally wounded.

But hail the miracle stick, which we’re still not sure we understand completely. Her wound was healed but at what cost? It seems that Eve may be gone and Juliette alive again. I’ve seen on forums that people seem to want a reunion between Eve/ Juliette and Nick but I’m going to put it out there and say I really hope that doesn’t happen. I was never completely satisfied with the character of either Juliette or Eve but Adalind who had recently sparked a relationship with Nick has always stood out for me. Claire Coffee has done a superb job of playing Adalind, she could so easily have played her as downright evil and then a complete mumsy sap after the birth of Kelly, but that hasn’t been the case. She’s always been smart, funny and really works well with Nick and since she got her powers back she’s proved she can still be bad ass and be a mother at the same time. She has done everything she can to keep herself, her children and Nick safe and I love that about her. Adalind had proved one of the most complex characters of the show and I’ll be bitterly disappointed if she’s pushed to the side for a Juliette and Nick reunion, more so if she becomes a raging jealous hexenbiest with no morals again.

Whilst the adults are busy fighting each other, and worrying about who their main threat is, they seem to have forgotten the one person who could quite easily kill them all. Adalind’s daughter Dianna. The kid got even creepier and that white night gown she has on in most scenes really doesn’t help. Over the course of the finale Dianna has managed to take out two fully grown adults without ever leaving her bedroom. If that’s not power than I don’t know what is. It’s been clear from her first appearances as a baby that Dianna was going to be a force to be reckoned with and it’ll be interesting to see where writers take her story and how she’s kept in check or used by her parents and others who know of her powers. One thing we know is for sure, hurt mummy or daddy and you’re going down.

Grimm - Season 5
GRIMM — “Set Up” Episode 521 — Pictured: Hannah R. Loyd as Diana — (Photo by: Scott Green/NBC)

We also had the revelation that the show is expecting another baby, this time with Rosalee and Monroe as the parents. While I’m extremely excited about this (I’ve been waiting for it to happen ever since they got married) I’m also extremely nervous. The Grimm world as we knew it is about to change forever, I can’t see it ever going back to the way it was after the final events of the episode, and I’m not sure how a regnant Rosalie fits in to that, but I’m intrigued nonetheless. I think the other key factor to consider is, what does a Fuchsbau and a Blutbad baby look like? In all seriousness this could be a real moment of joy in what I expect is going to be a pretty tragic season six and I hope they pull it off.

So with all this going on, Nick ushers Hank, Wu, Trubel, Monroe, pregnant Roaslee and injured Eve/Juliette into the tunnel, which we still have no idea where it leads, as he prepares to face the final Black Claw attack himself. In the course of battle Nick sees of dozens of black claw soliders, taking first a shot to the back, and then a number of shots to the chest. But, just as we think it’s all over, I remembered something. Nick was still holding the miracle stick, and sure enough up he rises to kill off the last Black Claw soldier, just before the arrival of Bonaparte and Renard. What I thought would be the final showdown was cut short as Dianna’s creepy voodoo dolls come into play once more and she has Renard stab Bonaparte through the back – that’s what you get for strangling mummy.

The episode ended with Nick and Renard facing each other, staring. Now we know Nick has the stick so surely Renard can’t kill him, but will her try to? Let’s be honest, a lot has changed between the pair over the course of this series and it’s no longer clear what Renard wants or believes. He’s clearly hurting after Rachel’s death so maybe he wants to lash out, he can’t lash out at the real killer so maybe he’ll take it out on Nick. Who knows?

One thing is for sure, I cannot wait for season six to hit our screens.


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