Review of ‘Sometimes I Lie’ By Alice Feeney

I bought ‘Sometimes I Lie’ in my last major book haul, when Amazon had a 3 paperbacks for £10 offer on. It was the first of the 9 books purchased in that deal that I bought.

As usual I was fairly apprehensive as I’d never heard of Alice Feeney before and with her debut novel being included in a discount deal, and all the reviews featured on the cover being from other lesser known authors, I worried it’d be a cheap, tacky thriller.

My god was I wrong.

Feeney manages to achieve something that very very few thriller writers achieve. She seamlessly blend beautiful language with dark twists and terrifying grit.

Her characters were beautifully fleshed out, with just enough hidden from us to keep a certain degree of mystery. Amber, the main character, is one of the most thought out, thriller characters I have ever read. We learn her behaviours and routines, and then we learn the motivations behind these routines and behaviours and we grow to feel a strong connection with her – which is a good thing seeing as we spend most of the book in her head.

Feeney does a splendid job of luring you in to thinking you’re finally piecing things together, that you finally understand what’s happened to Amber when all of a sudden, Feeney totally pulls the rug from under your feet. I lost count of the number of times I had to place the book in my lap and mutter ‘what the hell?’. I have never, ever known a novel that throws so many twists and turns and surprise revelations with such skill and ability as this. There was not one twist that I saw coming.

But I think, aside from the amazing twists (which by the way are truly some of the best I’ve read), what makes this novel truly special, is that Feeney manages to weave in some beautiful, thought provoking sentences that wouldn’t be totally out of place in a self-discovery novel. I found myself repeatedly reaching for a pencil to underline the sentences that really resonated with me – there were a lot.

There really is very little else I can say on this novel without spoiling it, which I truly don’t want to do because you all just need to read it. All I will say is that, I don’t think a novel has ever been so aptly named.

Good luck, and come find me when your head feels as messed up as mine does now that I’ve finished this book.



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