Review of ‘Sister Act’ Directed by Craig Revel-Horwood and starring Alexandra Burke.

It’s been far far too long since I had the pleasure of seeing a bit of musical theatre, so needless to say I was hugely excited to see Sister Act at Bradford’s Alhambra theatre this weekend. Especially with the knowledge that the show had been put together by Craig Revel-Horwood and would star Alexandra Burke, who I have long since said is the greatest talent to come from a British TV talent show in my lifetime – Apologies Leona fans. The question was, would the show live up to my expectations?

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Review of ‘Not the End of the World’ by Kate Atkinson

This collection of short stories was a Christmas gift from an uncle of mine and because I’m a sucker for order and have to make y way alphabetically through my book collection, it was the first thing I started reading once I’d finished Dan Brown’s Inferno in January.

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‘Finding Dory’ Review

As a kid, ‘Finding Nemo’ was one of the funniest films I owned on DVD. In fact, it probably still is one of the funniest. So, like countless others my age, I waited for the release of ‘Finding Dory’ with a kind of eagerness that can only be brought on by nostalgia. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to see it whilst it was in the cinema, but, now it’s out on DVD wild horses couldn’t have stopped me sitting down to watch it. So, with rather high expectations, I sat down this Saturday and began on a glorious, nostalgic journey.

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