Review of Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’

I’ve been wanting to read ‘Gone Girl’ for quite a while now and have been putting off watching the film until I had. So finally, this month, I settled down to delve into what I hoped would be an addictive, mind boggling thriller.

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Review of ‘Sometimes I Lie’ By Alice Feeney

I bought ‘Sometimes I Lie’ in my last major book haul, when Amazon had a 3 paperbacks for £10 offer on. It was the first of the 9 books purchased in that deal that I bought.

As usual I was fairly apprehensive as I’d never heard of Alice Feeney before and with her debut novel being included in a discount deal, and all the reviews featured on the cover being from other lesser known authors, I worried it’d be a cheap, tacky thriller.

My god was I wrong.

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Review of Sharon Bolton’s ‘Like This, Forever’

I’m always a little tentative when starting a crime thriller novel by someone whose work I haven’t read before, but when Sharon Bolton’s Like This, Forever has a complimentary quote from my favourite writer, Tess Gerritsen, emblazoned on the front, I assumed I was on safe ground.

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‘Playing with Fire’ by Tess Gerritsen Review

Tess Gerritsen has long been my favourite novelist. I own a copy of every book she has written to date and have read many of them numerous times, enjoying each visit as much as the first. So when my boyfriend treated me to Gerritsen’s latest work ‘Playing with Fire’ I was understandably excited.

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Grimm Season 5 Finale Review

So it finally arrived, the season finale of Grimm season 5, and boy what a way to bow out. We had a bit of everything that has made this season great, emotion, love, sacrifice, tension and some kick ass fight scenes – not to mention one or two pretty crucial deaths. Now I’m alerting you all early so if you don’t want spoilers – look away now!

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Review of The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks

The Wasp Factory was recommended to be just before Christmas by a friend of mine after I expressed a liking for Ruth Rendell’s Live Flesh. The link from the book being discussed to this recommendation implied to me that the book would be tense, atmospheric and deeply psychological, all of the things I love in a book. And it was, but for some reason, some niggling nag in the back of my mind, I just couldn’t fall in love with this particular book.

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Review of ‘Grimm’

So Grimm is currently in its winter hiatus (curse you, season breaks!!!). Which means I am going out of my mind with no more episodes left to watch. BUT that leaves a perfect excuse for all of those of you yet to divulge into the strange and exciting world that is Grimm, it’s a perfect chance to get caught up. Yes, we are currently mid-way through season five, but trust me – you’ll be so hooked that those five seasons will fly by.

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